birthday wishes

Eight days more to go and I will be celebrating my 30th birthday.

Celebrating my birthday means adding another year to my age. But instead of worrying about getting one year older, I will consider it as a day to thank the Lord for all the blessing that I have received for the past years and just keep myself ready to face the new chapter in my life.

A very supportive family, a very loving & caring husband and an adorable daughter have been the greatest blessings in my life.

On my upcoming birthday, aside from good health and long life for me and for all my loveones, I still have some material things that I wish to have.

Today, I just want to list down some of my birthday wishes. Who knows a genie in a bottle may happen to read my wishes and grant these to me.

So here comes my wish list:

1. A nokia camera phone: Nokia 6300 or Nokia 5310

2. New wallet to replace my old one

{photo via}

{photo via}

3. New clothes to wear

{photo via}

{photo via}

4. new pair of shoes

{photo via}

5. an ipod

{photo via}

There are still so many wishes that I want to have in life but for now I’ll just limit it into five so that the genie will not get tired and grant these to me soon. harharhar


shengmarie said...

Let me free here in the bottle so I can grant your wishes. -genie- ;-) Happy Birthday to you! Where's the party?

witsandnuts said...

I love getting a year older. I call it as being a year WISER. Let's have a countdown to your birthday. =)

Enjoy the weekend!

ms firefly said...

ohh, advance happy birthday greetings! may all your wishes come true!

Blue Rose said...

@ sheng, witsandnuts and ms firefly: thank you so much for the advance greetings. you guys really made me feel happy. a million thanks for always spending some of your quality time to read my blog. hugs and kisses to all of you.


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