bulleted updates

Hello there my fellow bloggers. I was just quiet for the past few days. I just felt not having an urge to write and update my blog. Lot of things pre-occupied my mind.

But for today let me share to you some bulleted updates:

♣ I received compliments for the past few weeks that I am now going back into shape. And I am happy about it. Losing some pounds and inches for my waistline made me feel a little bit lighter. Somebody asked me what I had done. I replied naughtily. You do not have to spend lots of money to loss weight. You only have to hire a nanny/maid who will still let you do all the household chores and will let you worry on lot of things. Have a baby who will wake you up at the middle of the night and let you carry him/her to let him/her get back to sleep. And have a husband who stays until midnight or early in the morning on the road that will let you worry a lot about his safety. Har har har….. I’m just kidding here but that was all the reasons why I loss some weight.

♣ I signed the notice of approval for my housing loan last Tuesday. I just need to wait for 90 days more before it will be release. That means I can have it just before Christmas. Yepeeeeeyyyyyy… Nice Christmas gift for us.

♣ I am now happy with my working area. Sooner or later I’ll take picture of it and share it with you. Finally I now have my own defined space at the office. Though our office seems to look like a call center with the current set-up but that’s ok. Things looks more organize now.

♣ I was a little bit guilty and sad. Last night I went home late because I had to do some personal errands. And K.A. went to bed so early. For the first time I was not able to play with K.A. before she went to bed and I missed that so much. We used to have some quality time playing, hugging and kissing as I arrived home from work.

Ok, that’s all for this morning. I need to do some office works to meet my deadlines. See you all later.

Have a nice day everyone!


Jeanny said...

congratulation dearie.
Hirap magpapayat di ba....hehehhe. Go go lang sis kaya mo yan. I'll share you my weight shedding story baka ma inspire ka hehehe. Just incase na you haven't read it. Here is the link http://jeannycdj.com/2008/01/03/my-weight-shedding-kwento/

and ang ganda ng Chritsmas gift nyo... ;)

The Girl With A Curl said...

Hi, hopped on over here from your birthday greets on my site. Thanks for the visit, and I hope to come back to your neck of the woods again. - Great job on losing weight!!!:)

ms firefly said...

congratulations on the new house, that's a nice christmas present!

Blue Rose said...

@ jeanny: thank you so much for sharing your shedding kwento. sana kaya ko rin gawin yon kaya lang parang mahirap ata. hindi ako kasi pwede magdiet dahil sinusumpong ako ng migraine. thanks for dropping by sis.

@the girl with a curl: thank you so much for your visit here. hope to see you again sweetie.

@ms firefly: so true! wala na akong mahihiling pa for this christmas.thanks.


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