a million thanks for my birthday!

Dear God,

Today is my birthday!

Years were gone so fast. Everything seems to be just yesterday. But the reality is, I am now celebrating my 30th birthday.

This only means that I need to close one chapter of my life which is my youthful stage but need to open another chapter for adulthood. I have to face a more mature self by now.

I have so many things to say to you, to confide to you and to ask from you.

But since today is my birthday, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the blessings that you showered upon me for the past 29 years.

Thank you for allowing me to see and enjoy the beauty of life.

Thank you for giving me a loving, thoughtful, understanding and very kind husband.

Thank you for intrusting to me such an adorable daughter.

Thank you for giving me a very responsible father.

Thank you for giving me my mother.

Thank you for giving me very supportive siblings.

Thank you for my Godparents who showered me with so much love and care.

Thank you for my in-laws who treated me well.

Thank you for my neighbors who shows some care for me.

Thank you for all my friends who are always ready to help me through ups and downs.

Thank you for my blogger friends who never fail to cheer up my day by leaving comments at my post.

Thank you for all the trials that molded me into a very strong woman.

Thank you for all the happy memories that I can be share with my child or children and grandchildren/s.

Thank you for my job.

Thank you for keeping me strong.

Thank you for all the property that we have right now.

Thank you for the food.

And thank you so much for some more blessings that I forgot to mention here. There are just so many blessings that you have been given to me.

I love you! I trust in you!

Your faithful believer,

Blue rose

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JavaQueen said...

An Anniversary and a Birthday - nice! I hope you are being spoiled like a Queen :)
From the sounds of all your blessings, it sounds like you are living a great life, having a great Birthday- and I'm happy for you! Happy Birthday to you Blue Rose :)

Jeanny said...

Hi Sis.
Your so blessed to have all those people around you. :)

So how was the bday celebration. I know it was a real blast.

Take care & happy birthday!

Shai Coggins said...

Happy, happy birthday! And belated happy anniversary too. :)

Eds said...

@java: yap, we got married 3 days before my birthday just because in 2005 my birthday did not fall on a saturday and we need to get married on a saturday as per relatives request. thank you so much for your greetings!
@jeanny: so true! God is really great. hindi man kumpleto ang aking pamilya subalit naramdaman kung maraming tao ang nagmamahal sa akin. thank you so much for your greetings!
@shai: wow, nice to see you here! thank you so much for your greetings!

sending some hugs and kisses to all of you!

shengmarie said...

Happy Birthday girl, I hope your birthday was a blast. My Mom's birthday is in the 15th so I went to my hometown and visited her, brought cake and ice cream so we could share. It was a nice day!

Hope you had a fine day too!

Eds said...

@sheng: thank you sheng.i just had pansit bihon for my birthday.

oh, belated happy birthday to your mom.

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