my own little space

How’s my working area look like?

As my promise, here is the latest picture. Taken this morning just before I start working so that everything still in place. From left to right, my tumbler(partly taken); paper glue; a box where I put my pens, scissor, clips, paper fastener and other little things; a wind chime still in a case; a flower vase less the flower; picture of a virgin mary (posted above); a bible; a mobile phone holder where I placed the rosary; my baby picture; a lucky kitty figurine; Santa Claus (hanging above); candle holder; my folder where I placed loose documents; my computer monitor and a keyboard.

What do you think? Do I need to rearrange things in my desk or remove everything? But of course except the PC otherwise how will I work?


javaqueen14 said...

Very neat and tidy!

Purple Ink said...

Hey I like your corner in the office, the defined space is so nice.hehehehe

Blue Rose said...

@javaqueen: just because the picture was taken before i start working. lol
@purple ink: correct! a last meron na akong defined space here yon nga lang nasa tapat naman ako ng surveillance camera. hehehe

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