Blog love: my four seasons notebook plus goodies in-transit

I know I am not lucky to win in any raffle or contest. But my patience and determination always give me rewards.

When I joined Shai’s 52WoC tasks for partly #7, random org never favored me for the four raffles. But Shai decided to gave special prize for this round of tasks to the contender who completed the tasks. And she declared that I’m the sole contender who completed the tasks. Hooray for me! I do not know if my fellow 52WoCer just gave way for me to have the prize or they are just so busy to complete the tasks. But whatever their reasons, it made me won the special prize alone. So, I would like to say thank you very much guys.

Then, two weeks ago the package from Australia arrived. I was so happy and so excited the moment I got it. I was so eager to see what’s inside but hubby requested if he can just open it for me and see for himself the treasures that I got. So, I let him opened the package. Just like me, he was so happy too.

Here’s what I got, my four seasons notebook:

My favorite is the blue one of course, which is the summer notebook. In this special notebook I will write all the important numbers and information about me and all the people close to my heart. Like for example, their birthdates, our bank accounts details, our GSIS number, SSS, TIN, etc...etc...etc…
Another special notebook, the winter, will hold all the details of the persons I met in the net like their names addresses, birthdates and other related details.
The other two special notebooks, which are the autumn and the spring, will just put on stand-by for a while. I still don’t have any idea on what among the important things in my life to write on them. I will decide later.
And she also added a christmas card.

I so loved them all. And I would like to say a million thanks to Shai Coggins for giving me these special notebooks.


On the other hand, last Friday I sent something for my friends. Actually, I was only supposed to send a Christmas card but on the last minute I decided to include a simple token of appreciation for the friendship that they gave to me.

Guys, pardon me for I don’t know what to give. I know that you guys have almost everything in life. Those are not pricey things but I hope that you’ll gonna like them.

Here are the goodies I sent:

Hey, before I forget, one of the recipients doesn’t know that I got her mailing address. I am not a “manghuhula”. I just got your mailing address from one of your posts. I decided not to verify it from you because I want to surprise you. Hope you just don’t mind what I did.

That’s it!



shengmarie said...

wow, he notebooks are lovely. Lucky you, I am happy for you.

iluvgreen said...

nice notebooks... parang ayaw kong sulatan kapag ganyan k ganda hahah..

REDLAN said...

kapag may patience ka talagang may reward! I like the blue notebook too. Congrats blue rose at ang thoughtful mo.

Toni said...

Oooh congratulations! Those notebooks from Shai are really pretty ha. Sarap sulatan :)

Jeanny said...

hi sis....lovely notebooks. :)

I also receive something from a sweet blogging friend. Guess you know who she is. I'll blog aboout it later on :)


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