the holiday fun swap

when caryn launched her creative swap project, i was so tempted to join. but sad to say, i am not creative so i decided not to join coz i took pity on whoever will be my assigned partner.

but when shai coggins announced the holiday fun swap, i never had a second thought and i joined. because she said it can be anything. that means i can only just "buy".

after i signed up, i immediately bought my gifts to whoever my assigned secret swap partner.

i decided to gave these:

a rose quartz with 9-eyed DZi bracelet, a parker pen,

notecard with a pin where i can write and say hello to my partner and a smiley pin set

i am also got worried on how much will it cost to send a package internationally. i phoned to a certain courier and he quoted me at P2060. i also phoned to the post office near the office and the lady who answered the phone quoted me at less than P1000 for the international express mail service. yeheeey... the post office is the solution!

then, the moment i got an email from shai informing me on who will be my secret swap partner, i immediately prepared everything and run in a hurry to the post office. wishing that my partner gonna love everything that i picked.

yesterday, i received an e-mail from my swap partner and she said she got my gifts to her and that she loves them all.

thank you so much to you dear for appreciating all the goodies that i sent to you.

merry christmas!


iluvgreen said...

wow, i love the rose quartz with 9-eyed DZI, i red agate with 9-eyed dzi i'ts good for people who born in the year of snake, and rose quartz for love luck. no doubt your swap partner loved it.

Unknown said...

Awesome gifts! I'm taking part too and it was tough to know what to buy and how to send it and, most of all, how much it was going to cost to post. I pay more for shipping from America than I do on the goods sometimes, and I've never shipped internationally myself. But in the end it worked out and was heaps of fun too. This is the first feedback I've seen, I can't wait to see what everyone else got!

shengmarie said...

Can I have a copy of that rose-quartz too? That's so cool, or maybe the smiley clips, hahaha, very nice, I love them all!

Jeanny said...

uy nice goodies :)

enjoy ang mga ganitong swap swap noh...kahit sa ibang country ka swap mo okay lang...buti na lang may PO :)

Happy hay sis :)

JavaQueen said...

Sweet, nice job Blue Rose.... I also cannot participate in an exchange because it takes me too long to get the packages out, I dont' want to disappoint anyone.... But, I love to see who does participate and what great ideas you come up with!!!!

witsandnuts said...

The thought and act of sharing will always be wonderful and fun. Nice stuff that you sent out. I'm sure your swap partner liked them. =)

RedLan said...

great goodies Blue rose.

Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

Thank you so much again, Blue Rose!!! As I mentioned in my email, I LOVED every single thing you sent to me. It was such a lovely surprise to receive on what had been such a cold and gloomy day.

And it came so quickly. Whenever I send Christmas things to my Ninang and Ninong in the Philippines from here, it always takes such a long time!


Eds said...

@iluvgreen: ya, actually my friend suggested for that rose quartz with 9-eyed DZi coz its for love luck. and i want so send such love to my swap partner for the christmas season.

@nicola: just like you its my first time to send goodies internationally and i was shocked with the shipping cost. good luck to you dear. i am looking forward for some news from the other holiday fun swap participants.

@shengmarie: sure dear! hehehe. thanks.

@jeanny: oo nga eh, kakatuwa! at mabuhay ang post office.

@javaqueen: ya, i know what you mean. thanks dear.

@witsandnuts: exactly! and yes, she said she liked them.

@redlan: thanks!

@nenette: thank you so much dear. i'm so glad that you liked them.

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