a short message

Dear friends,

Sorry for not visiting your site more often this time and i'm sorry for not replying on your comments too. I am no longer busy with my work but I am just feeling so lazy. After all the hardwork, the overtime, the rushing for lots of work before the holidays and of course the christmas party. Now, I am feeling so down. I feel like I lost all my energy. And all I really want this time is to take time for myself and have enough rest so I can fully enjoy the holiday season.

But before I take my vacation, let me share to you my favorite pictures taken during our office Christmas party.

Here I’ll introduce to you my very own little Santa. She is the Santa Claus who doesn’t give gifts on Christmas instead she is the one who ask gift from everyone. Hehehe.

Little Santa with her lovable papa

Little Santa with yours truly

Oh guys, what yah all think? Do little Santa looks like her papa or her mama?

With that I just wish everyone to have a Merry-Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you all next year.

With love,
~blue rose


Anonymous said...

Hi Blue Rose, oh, she is so beautiful. You are so blessed with such a little tiny santa claus! Heee-heeee!!!!

I think she looks a bit like both of you! Who do you think she takes more after?

Merry Christmas!

iluvgreen said...

you have the cutest santa.

merry christmas!!!

Nance said...

I think your little Santa looks more like you, cute as a button!
what you're feeling rose is probably a let down from all these holiday celebrations...it's normal.
A joyous Christmas to you and family!

shengmarie said...

Blue Rose, Now I already have an idea of what you look like, it bothers me me to be dealing with one person i don't how she or he looks like, and now i can imagine you writing those posts with a smile on your face. Happy Holidays. Me too, I guess this is gonna be one of those last posts for 2008.

REDLAN said...

uy, may family pic na. ngayon ka lang nagpakita. hinalungkot ko ang archives mo before. kamukha ka ng anak mo. merry christmas and a happy new year!

the donG said...

wow! it's my first time to see you in the picture. it's really exciting to see the people behind every blog and with this i can say that your little santa looks more like her mom. hehehe... yeah seriously.

merry christmas and you deserve that break. extend my greetings to your little santa and her papa.

Anonymous said...

Mas kamukha mo sya. lol. But may resemblance din sa papa. :) Merry Xmas to you and your family. Cutie lil Sanata. :)

the spool artist said...

you all look great! i wish i could get a cute little santa outfit for my little boy as well! merry christmas and have a blessed 2009 ahead of you...


Purple Ink said...

Happy Christmas and New Year to your beautiful family Blue Rose. Kisses to your pretty little Santa :-)

ms firefly said...

happy new year blue rose!
your baby is the cutest santa ever! :)

it's nice to see you finally, thanks for posing that pic, i think your baby looks more like you!

all the best for the new year, may all your dreams come true!

with love from dublin,
odette and kj

Jeanny said...

happy new year blue rose and Family!!!!

REDLAN said...

Thanks for the marathon comments. and welcome back blue rose. We missed you. Grabe ang bakasyon mo. Kwentuhan mo kami about it ha.

Blue Rose said...

TO ALL: happy new year everyone!

thank you for leaving your comments here. love you all guys! miss yah people. mwuah!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

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