happy 101 award

Cheers for my first ever blog award for 2010. Thank you very much nuts for this award.

The rule is simple, post this logo and list down ten things that make you happy.So here’s my list:

my daughter
my husband
my family
my friends
my job
my new digicam
my new notebooks & books
your comments
chocolates & flowers
anything free

Now I'm sharing this award to all the bloggers listed in my blogroll. So guys, feel free to grab this award.


Ibyang said...

congrats on the award.

"anything free"---i love it! hehehe.

uy, i'm part of your blog roll, so i need to do this haha!

Grace de Castro said...

anything free also makes me happy...kahit gaano pa kaliit yun! :)

shengmarie said...

@eds, i love this meme, hehe. I will make one like this.

nuts said...

awww, thanks for accepting happy101 award..:)
isa sa list mo ang sobrang like ko... anything free.. :D

the donG said...

whoa! bagong camera sa bagong taon! sino nga di matutuwa.

Rico said...

You must have a very good job. Not many people have jobs that make them happy.
Cheers to more happy (and free) things!

Jeanny said...

I love this meme. Will do this soon. Happy New Week sistah


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