happy 3rd birthday KA!

Today is your 3rd birthday already. Time flies really so fast! Soon, magiging dalaga ka na anak. I just hope that you’ll stay as sweet as you are. Papa & Mama wish you all the best that life could offer.

This beautiful poem is for you:

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter
By Judith Pleasant

You are a special daughter
who means so much to me.
The day you were born,
there wasn't a lovelier sight to see.
I am glad God gave you to me.
Your love and devotion
has been my reason,
to get through many tough times,
and through many seasons.
As you have grown up,
your beauty shines through,
with a wonderful smile
that shows the real you.
You have a heart that is
made of gold
and I know it will stay that way,
as you grow old.
You make me proud
that you are who you are.
The bond that we have
will keep us close,
and no matter where you are,
you won't seem far.
The closeness we have
will never depart,
cause there is so much love
that connects you to my heart.
I am glad my daughter,
that you are mine,
because having you in my life
makes my sun shine.

Happy 3rd Birthday KA! We love you so much. *mwuah*


Ibyang said...

happy birthday to your beautiful daughter :)

Grace de Castro said...

sooooo cute! time flies fast nga ano? especially when we get older...there seems to be no time to do everything! :)

happy birthday cute little girl!

princess_dyanie said...

Happy Birthday, KA! :)

witsandnuts said...

Happy birthday, KA!

Tabachingching ang legs. =)

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your little darling.

Kayni said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

shengmarie said...

Cutey cutey, Happy happy Birthday to you!

Eds said...

thank you ibyang,grace, princess_dyanie, witsandnuts, rachel,kayni & sheng!

wits, hindi lang legs nya tabachingching. tabachingching na talaga yang daughter ko parang ako. hehehe

Anonymous said...

alam ko, alam ko... late na ang greeting kasi late nagbabasa ng blogs. pero ang cuuuuute niya!!! ahaha... uber belated HBD sa kaniya!

Rico said...

Belated happy birthday Ka!
Will you look at that?! So cute!


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