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It is my privilege to be part of the two months training sponsored by the PAHRDF. It is a two months training but it was broken down into different sessions. The first 2 days was held in PHINMA Training Center in Tagaytay City last March 11&13. The next 3 days was held in Oasis Hotel in Clark, Pampanga last March 25 & 26 and on April 7. The rest will be held here in Manila, but the venue is yet to be determined.

But instead of discussing more about the topic on that said training, let me just share to you some random things that I like and dislike during the training.

First session: Tagaytay City


♥ The weather. While it is too hot in Metro Manila, it made me love the cold weather in Tagaytay. The rain drizzled a little during that day and it added to the coldness of the weather. Ang sarap ng feeling. Parang naka air-conditioned pa din sa labas. Hehehe.

♥ The trainor/consultant. I love the way our trainor/consultant teaches us. They are not boring. They are so passionate on what they are doing. And if I am going to rate them from 1 to 10 then I’ll give them a perfect score.

♥ The new learning’s. I learned and discovered a lot of things during our training.

♥ The venue. I like the place where we stayed. The room accommodation, the conference room, the dining area and other facilities are good. It is just so comfortable to stay there.

♥ The food. They provide us with sumptuous meals. Despite the fact that we were just around 20 persons, the hotel allowed us to take their buffet. Their food is good enough that made me gained more weights. *gosh* sira ang diet ko, promise!


► The irritant callers. There were people that keep on calling me even if they knew that I was in the training. They’re so makulit. There were times that I was forced to turn off my cellphone but they still found ways to contact me which was through the number of my officemate, then made pakisuyo para lang makausap ako. And that really distracted me.

► The sharing part. On the first day, our trainor instructed us to recall all the significant events in our life by drawing our life line then shared our experiences with the group. I hate that part because it touched the very sensitive part of my past. Those even made me cry especially on the part that I had to tell the story about my family.

Second session: Clark, Pampanga


♥ The speaker/trainor. Another speaker was assigned for this session and I also like the way she teaches us. The way she explained the topic assigned to her. The way she trained us and the way she treated us.

♥ The getting to know each other better. As we go along with our training, I got the chance to know more about my officemate. Yong mga dating hi-hello lang sa office eh medyo nag-improve na because we have to work as a team. And I love it kasi mas nakilala ko sila.

♥ The new knowledge acquired. Of course, I always embrace the new knowledge that I learned for every session that we have.

♥ The venue. The venue – the room accommodation, the conference room, the dining area and other facilities are good. It is clean and the hotel employees are so accommodating & friendly.


► The food. Aww, sad to say I didn’t like their food. The fish are no longer fresh. So medyo nadiet ako dito. We complained and gladly bumawi naman sila on our last meal.

► The weather. It was so hot there. Feeling ko mas mainit pa kaysa sa Manila.

► The unexpected reschedule of activity. We were supposed to have our 3-day training last March 25-27 but some unexpected things happened. After the second day session, 5 among us decided to go back to Manila for some personal reason/s. So the trainor decided to postpone and rescheduled the next session kaya kinailangan pa naming bumalik sa Clark ng April 7 (birthday kaya ng anak ko yon) *sigh*

That’s it! Up next I’ll share to you some pictures during our wawa dam adventure!


Grace de Castro said...

good thing you learned a lot eds! anf at least di ka na-bore sa training nyo!

glad you enjoyed tagaytay! buti ka pa, nagpalamig! he he!

Ibyang said...

at least mas marami pa ring positive :)

happy week!

Kayni said...

i guess this is all part of the training - finding more things about you whether they're likes or dislikes.

have a great week.


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