Dengue fever hits my precious KA!

It is very sad to say that no matter how I tried my best to protect her from getting sick, dengue carrying mosquito was still able to bite her. And I hate you so much mosquito!

KA’s fever started last Thursday evening. Then on Saturday afternoon, I noticed some red dots in her face that made me panic. I immediately brought her to the hospital. Undergo some laboratory test and found out that she was indeed positive for a dengue.

It was her first time to be admitted in the hospital and that made me worried a lot. Aside from the fact that I don’t even have money to pay the hospital bill, I also knew that it will be very difficult and very much painful for all of us especially for my little one.

My heart crushed every time the nurse gets blood from her for some laboratory test. KA got phobia also that every time she saw nurse coming, she immediately asked, “Ano gagawin mo sa akin? Hindi mo ako tutusukin?”

We stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and 2 ½ days (that’s from Saturday night until Tuesday noontime) just to make sure that she will be very much okay.

But I am still so glad that we were able to address the problem before it aggravate to a much serious case. And I am also glad that the staffs of H Ville Hospital in Montalban, Rizal were accommodating and kind. Though there were some problems and instances that were so irritating, I must say that the overall services that they offered were still good. And I thank all those hospital staff who attended to our needs.

Now, I would like to remind you guys to take extra care. Dengue season is here again and that dengue carrying mosquito might just around the corner. Be safe everyone!


witsandnuts said...

Naku, hirap talaga labanan ng mga sakit kahit na gaano tayo kaingat. Get well, KA.

Grace de Castro said...

aawww...wawa naman little girl! but at least she's ok now at hindi grabe ang dumapo sa kanya. bwisit ang lamok, ka liit liit pero ang problemang binibigay napakalaki!!!

ako din praning pagdating dyan. i ask wendy to put on stingless moquito repellant [from ilog maria] everyday before going to school. mahirap na kasi I don't know the environment there. mabuti na maingat.

take care eds and ka! :)

Sheila Marie Dumalay said...

Take Care eds, Kakapraning ang may sakit lalo na pag anak. Hayyyy

Kayni said...

oh now, i hope she's much better now. my nephew too got dengue and it's really tough.

take good care and hugs.

Eds said...

@witsandnuts: oo nga eh wala pa naman ding vaccine na available para maiwasan yang dengue na yan.

thanks wits.

Eds said...

@grace: grabe! peste talaga yang lamok na yan. lalo tuloy akong naging praning. ang hirap pa naman din kapag anak ang may sakit.

thanks kg!

Eds said...

@sheila marie: sinabi mo pa sis. kung pwede nga lang na ako na lang magkasakit wag lang sya.

thanks sheng!

Eds said...

@kayni: sa awa ng Diyos, ok na sya at masigla na ulit.

thanks kayni!

Purple Ink said...

Sis so sad that upon visiting your blog ito nabasa ko. Glad to know from the comments na K.A. is up and well na. Please send my hugs and kisses. Take care always.

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