my goals for CY 2009

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We now only have 55 more days to go for calendar year 2008. How time flies?

I think it is now time to set my goals and aspirations for the coming year. Am I too early for that? Well, we all know that we can set our goals anytime of the year. There is no late or too early for that. Today is the right time to start everything.

What do I want to achieve next year?

Here are my goals and aspirations so far:

First, I want to enroll for a refresher course this coming June 2009. Review class will no longer work for me this time because it’s been 8 years since I graduated from college and I know that there are lots of new accounting guidelines released. I want to take the board examination and have my professional license. I know it is my fault. Procrastination… procrastination… procrastination. My willingness to work and help my family overpowered my willingness to take a review class and have my license.

Just a little flashback, when I was still single, I told myself I need to be a CPA before I turned 30 years old. But I got married at the age of 27, so there are changes in my plans. This time I have a husband to consult about it. When he finally gave me the permission to go back to school, I got pregnant. Again, that affects my decision to pursue my plan. So I just told myself, I’ll go for it when my time permits me to do so. And next year, I think is the right time to start pursuing my dream.

Second, I want to develop better time management. Married life is really not easy. I really have to manage my time. I now have a husband and a daughter who need my love and care. I have a home to clean. Work to do. I also have to take time for myself and enjoy. And I need time to prepare myself for my next career steps.

Third, I’ll start improving our first own home. Our loaned house still needs some improvements.

Fourth, I want to have a car. Hubby and I are planning to buy our own car. Traveling by land to the province via public utility bus for more than twelve hours is very much difficult this time. We now have our daughter to be with us on our travel and I don’t want her to suffer the discomfort of traveling by bus.

Last but not the least; I want to improve my blog. I want to have a blog post daily. With that, I can practice more my writing skills.

So far, those are my plans for next year. I hope and I pray that I will be able to achieve them.

My understanding and lovable husband, my adorable daughter, my supportive parents & siblings, my trusted & loyal friends, and my fantastic blogger friends are my inspiration in achieving my goals.

How about you? What do you want to achieve next year?

This will also be my entry for the 5th leg of moleskine giveaway.

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shengmarie said...

I so want to have our own car too, we want to move to our own house by June of next year, which leaves me to decide: car or no transfer!

ms firefly said...

i just to have a good job, and be able to go home in pilipinas for vacation. :)

RedLan said...

It's not too late for you to pursue your dreams and to become a CPA.

I also want to manage my time.

These are the great things to look up for the coming year 2009. Goodluck and more blessing to come next year!

RedLan said...

btw, can i grab one of your photos here?

escape said...

this is very timely. it makes me do it too. because thru this you get to see your goals and if you really did achieve it. because many people do their new year's resolution yet ending it by forgetting the whole thing.

Eds said...

@sheng: actually we almost have the same plans. moving in to a new house and purchasing a new car. but i think it is better to tranfer first before pursuing the car purchase plan.

@msfirefly: good luck to your job hunting dearie. hope you find a good one soon.

@redlan: thank you so much for your encouraging words. sure, redlan! feel free to grab it. which one do you like to grab anyway?

@dong: so true! actually, this is the first time that i wrote about my plans.

Anonymous said...

you can do it! :D it's never too late for any of your dreams. habang may buhay... habang may buhay... (ay, kumanta na? LOL)

witsandnuts said...

It's never too late to take the board exams. It would require double effort because there have been a lot of changes in accounting standards. But I always believe that mind over matter works. Keep the faith in achieving your dreams!

Anonymous said...

It's an excellent time to think about goals for the new year- I'm glad I came here and read that. I'm going to write my own post about this. Your goals are much loftier than mine- you go girl! I just want to keep my life glued together ;)

iluvgreen said...

hi, im dropping by from sheng's blog, it's my first read among your posts, and i like it here. anyway like you i also want to achieve a lot of things in my lifetime, if you have time you can check it in my blog. I really wish you will be able to accomplish everything you want good luck.

RedLan said...

uy, nag aabang ako ng latest post.

Eds said...

@bursky: korek! habang may buhay may pag-asa.

@witsandnuts: thank you! thank you! ya, actually that's why i prefer to enroll in a refresher course rather that a review class only. i really need to double time.

@javaqueen: thanks. i'll read your post about your goals java. goodluck to you.

@iluvgreen: thank you so much for dropping by. i'll visit your blog later. goodluck to you. and i hope to see you again here.

@redlan: hehehe. sensya na medyo busy lang.

Juan Podcaster said...

Thanks for joining the Moleskine contest! :) Will you review at CPAR?

Eds said...

@manuel: thank you too for holding such a wonderful contest. Reviewer po ba kayo sa CPAR? hehehe. i am still undecided where to enroll eh.

Shai Coggins said...

Good luck with fulfilling all your NY goals! Thanks for sharing this with us. :-)

Eds said...

@shai: you're welcome shai. thanks also to you.

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