what do i love about blogs?

Blogging is so addictive. It is also therapeutic. It is an outlet where we can put all our ideas, rants, opinions, feelings and everything that we need to write. It is also a venue to gain new friends.

But what do I love about blogs? What makes me add them at my blogroll? What makes me come back more often?

Find it here, in no particular order:

I love blogs that have good & quality posts. My primary reason why I decided to blog is to practice and improve my writing skills. Reading quality writings from others really help me a lot. It also made me think of any good topic to write about and share over the blogosphere.

I love blogs that inspire. When I am so down and blue, reading blogs that focuses on the positive side of life inspires me to go on with my life. It made me realized that I also have so many things to thank for. I love blogs that inspire me to explore or try new things. Or blogs that make me want to be better me.

I love blogs when I can relate to their post. It is like I feel so homey. It is something that made me ask myself, “Am I the one talking?”

I love blogs that are so friendly in nature as well as friendly bloggers. Friendly blogs and bloggers seem to attract more readers, right? Making friends with my fellow bloggers is my greatest achievement in my blogging life.

I love blogs that have great photography. I love visiting blogs that have pictures. Picture speaks a thousand words. It also made me see the wonders and beauty of the world. And it made me travel virtually to different places.

I love blogs that are informative. Blogs that give tips and advises catch my attention. I love being introduced to new ideas. I love to find things that are applicable to my own life. And I really love to learn more in life.

I love funny blogs and funny bloggers. I love to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Blogs with good sense of humor really rock! Good read when all things around me seem to be so serious.

And I love the blogging community as a whole. It is really great.

Now, I give you the time to share what do you love about blogs? I am so happy to hear it from you.


iluvgreen said...

my blog is my outlet, when my bff left for UAE, i decided to create a blog, it's my way of expressing what i feel,it's a bonus when people started to visit and leave a warm comments, i just started last august of this year but it feels like years.

iluvgreen said...

btw about the dancing wonder kid, maybe you can teach your daughter to dance like that, hahah she is so cute db?

shengmarie said...

I wrote a similar post about this in my blog. Nice that we blog noh? We have met friends online, and they do make us happy. Cheers to blogging!

RedLan said...

i planned to post blogging rin. to reborn my blog. nakarelate ako sa post na to. agree na agree. mas enjoy ako sa pagbabasa ng posts. nakaka inspire. pero kelangan rin magsulat

Jeanny said...

I blog because I love to write and share.

Happy weekend sis :)

witsandnuts said...

Blogging is therapeutic for me, one of the nicest means to destress. But the best thing about it is when I know that people learn something from the things that I share. I, too, like it when I can relate to other bloggers experiences. I like blogs which have a friendly tone. Happy weekend!

Con-Con San said...

i have to agree. blogging is a nice form of release and expression. reading other people's blogs also educates and informs. keep on writing!

LOREN said...

I visit a blog for the same reasons din. I truly agree.. Glad I stumbled upon your nice site.

RedLan said...

yes you can grab it. para naman sau yun. gagawa pa ako ng feature post para sau today. medyo busy hindi ko pa maisingit. mamaya.

RJ said...

You've got it! Nandito na yata lahat kaya wala na akong maidadagdag pa. Kapag may maalala ako, babalik ako.

[nakarating ako rito from Redlan's Web of Arts...]

Eds said...

@iluvgreen: blogging is really an outlet for us to unwind, to express what we feel and write what's on our mind.

@sheng: cheers!

@redlan: very true! salamat.

@jeanny: thanks sis.

@witsandnuts: very well said. thanks to you dear.

@oliver: thank you for dropping by here. hope to see you again here.

@Loren: salamat sayo. thank you too for visiting my site.balik ka ulit.

@RJ: salamat sa bisita. hope to see you again.

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