tag: 6 things that make me happy

Jeanny over starting a new life too tagged me with this. Thanks for the tag sis.

Here’s my answer:

my adorable daughter. Do I still need to explain further? Isn’t it obvious that she is the primary source of my happiness? She is my life and my inspiration to live and have a better life.

my husband. He is a very kind and very understanding person. I know he loves and cares for me so much. He is always there besides me all the time even during the times that I have tantrums. I am just so lucky to have him as my husband.

my family. Though I came from a broken family, I can say that I am still happy and lucky enough to have them. They are very supportive in all the decision that I made in life. They never force me to do anything instead they gave me freedom to live the life that I want to have. And I know that they are all proud of me.

my friends. who are always there when I need someone to cry on and always willing to be with me through thick and thin.

your comments. Reading your comments in my post make me happy. Knowing that there are people who spend some of their quality time reading my post and let me know what they think about it inspired me a lot.

freebies. Who will not be happy receiving free items/goodies? Anything free makes me happy. No matter how small or big it is.

YES! I’m done.

There are other things that still make me happy but since the tag only asked me to list down six, I think I better stop here. LOL

I am not tagging anyone but if you want to do it, please let me know. I am happy to read your answer.


RedLan said...

galing naman. yan rin ang mga bagay na nakapagpaligaya sa akin. minus the husband and daughter of course. you are a complete and happy woman indeed. tc.

witsandnuts said...

Glad to know your answers. I've just did this tag also yesterday. It's good to be writing about the things that make our life beautiful and happy. =)

Nance said...

hi blue,
nice knowing more about you. sounds like you have a nice family.

have a good day!

shengmarie said...

Ummm, your 1 and 2, are the same things that make me happy too, and practically all of what you have written, hahaha...

escape said...

galing mo talaga. yung iba kasi pag broken family talagang down na down na sila at hindi na nakapag move forward. in your case, it's quite the opposite.

kakatuwa din at talagang mahal na mahal mo ang family mo. dapat kang tularan.

salamat ulit sa ebook.

iluvgreen said...

yay! i love freebies, sino tatanggi sa free di ba? :)

Eds said...

@redlan: hahaha. kala ko pa na rin husband & daughter eh. salamat!

@witsandnuts: i agree. sige, bisitahin ko rin post mo. salamat.

@nance: thanks much dear.

@shengmarie: hehehe. salamat!

@dong: wow! haba na ng hair ko. hehehe. salamat sayo!

@iluvgreen: o, di ba? bawal tumanggi sa grasya. hehehe

Anonymous said...

hi Sis. Thanks for doing this ha. Have a great weekend pala :)

Eds said...

@jeanny: your welcome sis! nag-enjoy naman akong sumagot. hehehe

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