the weekend trips

saturday: the divisoria trip

originally, hubby and i planned to leave the house early at 6:00 o'clock in the morning to avoid traffic and lots of people there in divisoria. but since it was weekend, laziness striked us and we woke up late. we were able to leave the house at around 7:30 am.

when we were there, we found out that the place was no longer flooded with people unlike before. maybe because people are still do not have the money for their christmas shopping since bonuses are not yet release.

we also discovered that the prices there is almost the same or with only small difference with the prices at the mall. so we just bought stuff for the baby and for us too. and we will buy other things after the release of our bonus.

saturday, was a sunny day. it was so hot. so hubby, decided that we better got home before noon time and before the migraine strikes me.

sunday: the tripping day

we were so lucky because the developer & our agent provided us free ride to and from the vicinity.
they fetched us at around 9:00 o'clock in the morning near our residence. and after around 45 minutes we were able to reached our destination.
but when we arrived there, we were not allowed to enter to the place where our soon to be new home is located because the constructions are still on-going.

but they assured us that our unit was already finished. that row of houses from far far away is a proof. one among those build houses is soon to be ours.

here's another look, taken from the clubhouse overlooking area.

and this will be our neighbors. our unit is situated at phase 1 and the picture below is on phase 2. houses there are already occupied.

since we were not able to go inside our house, let's take a look at their model unit - the bianca house.

here is the front view. the man standing at the front door was one of the prospect buyers. and he doesn't know that this picture will be uploaded to the internet. harharhar

this one is the view from the back. and hey, why this man suddenly appeared when i clicked the camera.

before we enter the house, let's take a look at the floor plan. it looks like this.

{photo from here}

now let's go inside. let us take a look on how our bare house will look like when they will turn over it to us. our kitchen will look like this.

the look of our toilet and bath. that was locked so i was not able to take a picture inside.

another shot for the kitchen and the toilet and bath area. urghh... she suddenly passed by.

this one will be part of the room. actually, this area just have the provission for two bedrooms.

part of the roof.
and this will be our clubhouse. the place where we can have our gatherings. and probably K.A.'s next birthday party will be held on this place.

of course at the clubhouse we will have the kiddie pool.

and the pool for the adults.

and this is the selling area. the people at the picture are actually the prospect buyers and their agents. this was taken after we feasted on our free lunch. yes! the developer provides food to their clients and agents.
sorry guys, i am not good in narrating stories. but i hope that you are able to get what i am trying to say.

more pictures, when we already move to that place. as of this time, we are still waiting for my loan to be take-out from pag-ibig funds. and i am expecting it to happen on the first week or maybe on the second week of december so we can move in early next year.


shengmarie said...

Nice one, blue rose. I and hubby need to move in to our new house soon too, I haven't had pictures to post but I will when I am done filling the house with everything we need. We plan to move in by next year.

iluvgreen said...

yay, for your soon to be love nest and new neighborhood.

RedLan said...

wow, may bagong bahay na kayo. nice place and good accommodation, pamper na pamper kayo ng developer. i enjoyed reading this post.

Toni said...

You were lucky that Divi wasn't super flooded with people! Whew for you!

escape said...

wow! congratulations blue rose! that is a blessing. who would not want to live in a house that you've earned from your efforts.

witsandnuts said...

Having a place that you can call your own. What a blessing. =)

the spool artist said...

wow, a roof over your head is definitely life's biggest blessings... good luck on the new house...

Eds said...

@Sheng: goodluck sa paglilipat nyo sis. i'll look forward for some pics at your new house.

@iluvgreen: thank you!

@redlan: hahaha. oo nga, kakatuwa nga eh. sobrang pampered kami.

@toni: oo nga! nagulat din ako eh. by this time alam ko sobrang siksikan na doon.

@the dong: thanks much. may utang nga lang akong malaki. hehehe

@witsandnuts: ya! investment na rin for our future.

@the spool artist: yap, i'm feeling so blessed. thanks to you.

Ibyang said...

that is sooo exciting! a new home!!!

good luck and enjoy!!


Eds said...

@ibyang: maraming salamat!

Nance said...

Hi blue,
It looks like a nice neighborhood! there's nothing like owning a home, you have the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing.

good luck!

Eds said...

@nance: thank you very much.

Purple Ink said...

Wow Blue Rose! I'm excited for you. Sana naging magkapit bahay tayo :-)

Eds said...

@purpleink: sana nga sis! para lagi may kalaro ang nene ko. hehehe. salamat ng marami sa'yo.

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