sick but still working

It is a very tough week for me.

With all the administrative things to arrange for the upcoming travel to Amsterdam by our partners. Plus all the personal matters that bothered me a lot, now I really feel tired & weak.

Flu hits me on Wednesday but I just ignore it and go on with my daily work hoping that I can finish everything on Thursday. But to my dismay, two delegates still did not pass the requirements we need in processing their insurance & visa. Sigh…..

So, here comes Friday. I still have to go to the office and fix things for them.

The fever really makes my body weak. I feel the heat coming out in my eyes. Yet, I don’t have the right to stay home and rest. Otherwise, they will not be able to leave on the first week of June.

The only consolation I have now is the support and care that my husband gives.

picture from www.miserlymoms.com


Toni said...

Awww I hope you're much better now!

Blue Rose said...

hi ms toni!

thanks a lot.

im very much ok now. magaling mag alaga si mister. hehehe


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