dealing with stress

according to Lee Lacocca, "In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive".

i am a little bit stress today because i still dont have my office computer. the I.T. personnel are nowhere to be found. how come that the 3 staff are not around and no one knows where they are!

my computer was pulled-out last wednesday last week. as of thursday the I.T. in-charge already bought new parts as a replacement to hard disk and power supply. reformating will only takes 1 hour to be done. but 3 working days had passed and still i dont have it.

i can borrow/use other computer here at the office (like what i am doing right now) but i need my files so i can go on with my other work.

and to ease the stress that i have today, i just surf the net...blog hopping, check my email & friendster account. bought some food to eat like chocolates & nuts.

aside from that, other outlet that works for me when i am so stress are: sleeping, listening to music especially those disco type music, drinking coffee and the most effective one is playing with my little princess K.A.. seeing her smile plus a kiss from her makes me forget those bad/stressful things.

how about you guys, how do you deal with your stress?


Ibyang said...

at work, to break the monotonous routine of the day, i surf the net during break time or if there's too much going on, i just need to breathe for awhile and see something else on the computer.

after work, I eat!!! :) like what I did last monday:

and i also take long walks at the end of the day...this activity rejuvinates me.

Eds said...

hi ibyang! thanks for sharing your thoughts.

magaya nga yang paglalakad! tamad lang kasi ako maglakad lakad dito sa manila unlike noong nasa province pa ako na obliged talaga ako to walk.

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