so happy today


my pretty baby K.A. kissed me a lot as she woke up this early morning

* my husband put on my wrist watch, my office ID and kissed me before I got down the car

my boss immediately approved my request to purchase new hard disk and power supply for my office computer which gave up yesterday

* our office I.T. personnel told me that all my files was retrieved (thanks GOD! Cheers!)

and lastly, I.T. is now working on my computer and told me that I can have it hopefully by tomorrow morning.

Thanks a lot guys! You made my day!

picture from cherryflava.com


dhey said...

buti ka pa! ako gutom... di pa nagbe-breakfast eh. :( ahuhu...

shengmarie said...

good thing you have a happy day. i hope mine is that way too.


Blue Rose said...

@dhey: sorry to hear that. kung pwede ko lang i share ang food dito ngayon. dami kami food ngayon dito office eh (for the meeting actually, lol).

@sheng: thanks a lot for dropping by. i wish na maging happy din ang araw m. tke care.

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