on things i can't live without

Is there something I can’t really live without?

I can’t imagine myself waking up in the morning without my husband and my daughter at my side. And that is the thing that I am very much sure.

But on material thing, do I really have anything that I can’t live without? Oh, here’s my list:

First in the list is my wallet. I have this black wallet way back when I am still single. I think around year 2002 when I am still working in an NGO where my officemate offered me to buy it. I like this wallet and even my husband like it. It is a unisex wallet that I can put all my cards-ATM, IDs & others. I think I have to replace it because it started to worn out but I still did not find any one that I really like.

Second is my toothbrush. What a day without brushing my teeth? Whew!!!

Third is my rosary. I am not the type of person who religiously goes to church every Sunday. But I make it a habit of saying a little prayer everyday. Praying the rosary really give me relief especially when I am so down or when I am so scared.

Fourth is my mobile phone. Actually, I can live without it though it is really convenient to have it always on hand. It is very much useful especially when I am out of the house or office and really need to call anyone.

Fifth is my comb. It is so ashamed when everyday seems so windy day for me. LOL. That’s why I learn to bring my own comb every time I go out.

Sixth is my moisturizer & lotion. My husband criticizes me every time he notices my dry skin. He is my talking mirror. And I am so thankful for that.

Seventh are my drawer keys & house keys. Such keys are very important to me. I keep other important documents & some personal things in my office drawer that’s why I have to always have the keys with me. And of course the house keys, I hate to stand outside our house waiting for someone to open the door for me. I even remember a case where I have to wait for about six hours outside the house just because I don’t have my keys with me. I still don’t have my mobile phone then and the saddest thing was that I had no money with me that time to used payphone or go anywhere.

Eight & lastly is my pen. I need it especially if I have to jot down some important ideas that came across my mind and when I used to bet for lotto. LOL….

What are the things that you can't live without?

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