happy weekend

i can now feel the spirit of christmas.

this morning, this christmas tree greeted me as i enter the office.

uhmmm ... happy! but of course i will be happier if they will give us our bonus. hehehe.


anyway, tomorrow is weekend again. hubby and i are planning to go to divisoria and buy something to wrap for the christmas season.

on sunday, we are planning to go tripping and see our soon to be new home. i will share to you some pics next week.


what are your plans this weekend? hope you enjoy yours as i enjoy mine.

happy weekend everyone!


escape said...

me too! i can now feel the cold breeze at night. so excited!

iluvgreen said...

be careful in divisoria, im sure block buster yan this weekend. Good luck on your house hunting. happy weekend!

RedLan said...

ako walang plano puro trabaho. hay. uy kaka excite naman ang buhay ng family mo. goodluck. excited ako na makita ang mga pics next week. tc

JavaQueen said...

Sounds like you are plannig some fun with your huz! Good for you. A Christmas tree! Aaaack! Is it time to put those up already? I am not even ready for Thanksgiving LOL! This weekend I am taking my daughter to a cheerleading banquet where they will award the girls for their participation. Then, the rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning and relaxing. We have no real plans. But you have a good time Blue Rose!

Anonymous said...

oo nga naman...sana may bonus para mas masaya, hehehehe

Happy weekend sis and ingat sa divi! :)

shengmarie said...

I'd like to greet you a happy divi... and well, what can I say, Merry Christmas!

Eds said...

@the dong: bonus na lang kulang noh! hehehe

@iluvgreen: salamat. actually hindi sya gaanong matao unlike before.

@redlan: hinay-hinay lang kapatid. hehehe. sabagay, year-end na naman kaya tambak na naman trabaho.

@javaqueen: thanks dearie. take care always. and congrats to the girls. hope you enjoyed your weekend.

@jeanny: hehehe. correct! salamat sis.

@sheng: hahaha. same to you dear.

Toni said...

Tama! Christmas decor in the office is good, but bonus is better! :P

Eds said...

@toni: exactly! hehehe

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