Yes, finally! I am worry free! Thanks God.

I was so worried for the past few days. For K.A’s nanny got sick. Her cough and fever last for more than two weeks. On our first doctor’s visit she was given antibiotics but her cough doesn’t disappear so I brought her for the second time to have chest x-ray. I feel so relieved when the result came out and that everything seems to be ok. Laking luwag sa pakiramdam. I am so worried because resposibilidad ko sya sa magulang nya at isa pa baka mahawaan pa nya si baby.

Another thing was, my mother-in-law’s younger brother passed away last Saturday. Hubby and I were so afraid to say the bad news to her because she might collapse just like her siblings in the province upon hearing such news. So we decided to wait for my brother-in-law to come here in Manila and relay the news to my MIL. As of the moment, nasa Palawan na si hubby and BIL para makiramay at makipaglibing. Pero hindi nakasama si MIL dahil hindi na daw nya kaya bumyahe via plane.

On a happy side… hubby surprised me with this:

and this one for K.A.:

Having no special occasion or what, I asked him, “hubby what’s this for?” And he replied, “wala lang! I just want to give it to you because I love you.” Sweet ni hubby noh! Thank you so much bhe. I love you too.


javaqueen14 said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your MIL's brother. Really very sorry. I'll pray for you and your family BlueRose. I'm also glad to hear that your nanny is ok- how scary! My BIL is Chinese and was raised in the Philippines. He lives in NYC and I live in IL but maybe I can ask him some questions and write to you in your language? Very neat!

shengmarie said...

Wow, I wish my hubby would give me things like that too, he never does, hahaha, may ibang prinsipyo kasi siya, so I buy for myself na lang...

Blue Rose said...

@javaqueen: thank you so much JQ. prayers will really help us a lot this time. and wow you are willing to know and write in our own language. goodluck! mabuhay ka JQ.

@shengmarie: i am so lucky to have him. ako naman, kung hindi nya ako binigyan ng ganun hindi naman din ako bibili. hehehe. baliktad tayo!

Shai said...

Sorry to hear about some of the rough stuff you've been through. Hope things are beginning to look up.

And yes, really nice pressies you got. Congrats! :-)

Blue Rose said...

@shai: thank you so much shai. at the moment, things are beginning to be ok.