ohhh, where am i?

Hey, guys. I am still here.

I am just hanging around here trying to pamper myself with that orange.

I just got no time and inspiration to update my blog for these past few days. But I still do blog hopping whenever I can.

Last month and this month was not so favorable with me and my family-- health wise.

Flu hit all of us in the house.

The most difficult time for me was when my baby was not feeling well.

I got sleepless nights because I need to attend to K.A.’s needs. Her fever was on and off for almost two weeks. Though her pediatrician prescribed her the proper medicines, letting her take them was another problem.

I was also not able to report to work regularly.

So, I got tons of pending work at my desk.

I tried my best to handle things one at a time.

At the moment, everything seems to be sailing smoothly.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read and write some comments on my post.

I do read them and really appreciate them.

You guys really made my day.

I hope to be back with another post soon.


ms firefly said...

i hope you all are feeling better by now! stay healthy!

RedLan said...

ako two weeks rin na on and off ang lagnat. kinakaya ko lang. sobrang init kasi sa uaga at sa hapon uulan. sana gumaling na agad ang anak mo. tc.

naglaway ako sa orange ha.

btw, nag email ako sau. natanggap mo ba?

witsandnuts said...

Made me crave for Phil. citrus. Take care!

Eds said...

@ms firefly: thank you so much. i don't know what to do. umiikot lang kasi yong virus sa loob ng house namin. twice na kaming nagkasakit ni K.A. for baby, dahil siguro sa mahina pa ang kanyang immune system at sa akin dahil humina pa ng husto ang aking resistensya dahil sa sunud-sunod na puyat sa pagbabantay sa batang maysakit.

@redlan: oo nga eh! hindi rin maintidihan ang panahon kasi. actually, dami nga nagkakasakit ngayon. ya, got it na. thank you so much!

@witsandnuts: thank you so much. ang asim nga lang nyan.

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