random thoughts


Yesterday was so busy day. I got met some deadlines. I got finalized some schedules/arrangements for the upcoming activities.

At the end of the day, I suffered from mild migraine. I just got lucky that water therapy helped to ease the pain.


I have to come up with some good article/write-up. Few days ago, I signed up for a writing exercise. I still have enough time though to think and write about it. But hey, I got no inspirations and motivation to finish or even start writing about the topic. I am afraid I was not able to meet my deadline.

I really need some motivations and inspirations to be able to come up with some good writing here. I need some help or some quiet moments alone so that only happy thoughts will come out from this "antique" brain of mine. LOL.


I have to ask forgiveness for my shortcomings and for any unnecessary acts that I have done from some other people out there:

♣ To the hotel personnel, who is in-charge in banquet sales and marketing. For I had asked a lot of quotations from them yet I was not able to close a deal. Guys, I do not have the power to decide. I can only recommend but my boss is the approving officer. So, please bear with me. I hope that you will not put my name in a blacklist. And you still give me another chance next time.

♣ To the person in-charge in arranging foreign travel from a certain government agency. For I call on you so often. I know I got so “makulit” but please bear with me. I really have to follow my boss instructions/command.

♣ To my co-worker, who always or observe me so often that I was just quiet in my little own corner. Guys do respect me please. When you see me been so quiet here, probably I am not feeling well or just simple I am feeling so mad that I decided to remain quiet so that I can’t hurt anyone further.

♣ To some other persons that you think I owe you some apology. Guys, I am sorry and please forgive me.

I know, I am not perfect but I am trying my best to be nice to all of you.


On the other hand, there are people that also ruin my day.

♣ People who think they are really superior.
♣ People who don’t mind even they already hurt other people.
♣ People who deserve to be ignore.
♣ People who belittle other people.
♣ People who laugh at other people’s fault.
♣ People who just work so slow.
♣ People who keep on asking same question everyday.
♣ People who keep an eye to their wife instead of doing their duty/job.
♣ People who can’t decide or work on their own
♣ People who flirt to a married people.
♣ People who always complain.
♣ And many others.

You guys, GO! But please don’t multiply. Harharhar.


In the end, I know I still have to thank GOD for all the good things that He showered upon me.
♣ For my life.
♣ For the loving and caring family.
♣ For the patience.
♣ For the strength.
♣ For all my friends who always show some love and care to me.
♣ For the blogging friends who keep on giving me hope and inspiration.
♣ And for more other blessings to come.



RedLan said...

Great post ha. panu ba mag water therapy kapag umatake ang migraine? tip please. hehehe.

forgive and forget daw sabi ni sharon nun.

god bless you more and goodluck. don't mind them. just let them go. hehehe

shengmarie said...

Hay naku, very true, there are just many people who annoy you, and with the tension you feel, some people just get infected, it's bad but there are times you have no choice but to deal with it.

witsandnuts said...

Indeed a random scribbling. Blogging is such a therapy. Everyday is not always the best day but there's always something good that happens in each situation. =)

Purple Ink said...

Go Go Blue Rose!!!!

Unknown said...

"GO! But please don’t multiply." funniest line of the day! hehehe...

reading this post, despite all those challenges, you still show the positive side of life.

the spool artist said...

yup, at the end of the day, it's a battle between your two selves... good thing you have a positive outlook in life din... and that will carry you enough againt all of life's challenges.

keep on smiling!

Eds said...

@redlan: you only have to take lots of water. yong hanggang sa tipong masusuka ka na sa kakainom. hehehe. joke! basta lots of water lang. pero kapag matindi na ung migraine hindi na rin effective eh. tulog na katapat non.

@shengmarie: Korek! kailangan talagang harapin. kainis ba!

@witsandnuts: very true. blogging is a good therapy for me indeed. i got lucky that my friend introduced me to blogger.

@purple ink: Thank you so much! you are my inspiration. and thank you for teaching me how to do this blog.

@dong: hahaha. mahirap na baka dumami pa eh. thank you so much.

@the spool artist: thank you so much. trying to focus on positive things in life helped me a lot to find true happiness.

“Don't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions.  It's your life, not theirs.  Do what matters mos...