quick note!

Hi guys!
How’s your day? Hope you guys are doing pretty well.

By the way, K.A. called me “aw-aw” the first time she saw me hanging at blue rose bag. Though I know that I am not a doggie or do not look like one too, I thought my name is “aw-aw”.

Blue rose asked me to take over her blog just for today because she is still busy and not feeling well too. She really needs to rush things because she needs to go home early. Baby K.A. still have a fever.

So, guys have a happy weekend.




ms firefly said...

hehe, aw-aw! :)
hope you feel much better blue rose! and KA too!

RedLan said...

bumalik ka na. cute naman nito, may nagbabantay sa blog mo habang wala ka. si aw-aw. thanks ulit sa pag guess pero dapat dalawa lang ang guess mo sa isang comment. pwede ka naman mag guess after may nag guess na iba. ano ang dalawang guess mo pala? sa 37, 39, 42. dapat dalawa lang. hehehe

RedLan said...

i add ko tong blog mo later kung mag update ako ng blogroll ko. thanks ulit sa pagbisi-bisita.

Eds said...

@ms firefly: hehe. ginawang aso ng baby ko ang tarsier eh.

thanks much. i'm feeling better now though i still have cough. but i need to bring back KA to her pedia.

@redlan: ay, ganun ba. cge, balik ako para i post ang guess ko. salamat din sa pagdalaw dito. and salamat din sa wellingness mo to add mine in your blogroll.

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