thanks God it's friday!

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Happy! Everybody should be happy! (Dancing…dancing…dancing)

I have an additional half day for this weekend because I only have to report to work this morning. Our office declared Friday afternoon as special holiday. Thanks boss!

But what are my plans for the weekend? It will be an ordinary weekend for me actually. I will only stay at home with my husband and our baby. Do the usual routine – general cleaning, laundry and bonding time.

Somebody asked me few days ago, “are you going home to the province?” I said, “NO. Hayaan ko nalang muna na sila (yong mga kaluluwa ng aking yumaong mga mahal sa buhay) ang dumalaw sa amin.”NGEK! I am just kidding. I’m afraid with the ghost. Promise!

Going home to the province is not on our list this time. It is much harder this time to travel by land for more than twelve (12) hours because we now have our baby and we still don’t have our own car. And another thing is, we really have to tighten our budget.

You guys, what are your plans for this weekend? Are you going to visit your loveones in the cemetery? Good for you. Always take an extra care though.

Have a happy and safe weekend to all!


witsandnuts said...

I remember when I was still there, I was always on my way to Laguna when it's Oct. 30 or 31. This would be the first time I won't be going to the cemetery. It's like a mini-reunion for us. That's one of the best times to reunite with our long lost relatives.

REDLAN said...

hala dalawin ka nila. joke. 12 hours? ang layo nun!

happy halloween blue rose.

the donG said...

same here. i also have an ordinary weekend. stayed at home, attended mass for the souls and sleep. drop by the mall tonight.

Anonymous said...

We haven't shown up sa sementeryo, jetlag pa, masyadong busy with the laundry, Hubby's father is gone, pero di pa siya nakadalaw, maybe next week, makahintay kaya?

Blue Rose said...

@witsandnuts: correct! it's really like a mini reunion for the family.

@redlan: hahaha. alam ng multo na duwag ako. yap, layo ng province namin eh.

@dong: that's ok dong. at least you set aside time to pray for them. hubby and i also attended the mass for the souls last sunday and lighted a candle for them too.

@sheng: im sure he will understand & wait. and importante naalala nyo sya. kahit anong araw naman pwede nyo sya dalawin.


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