i am busy as a bee

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i am busy as a bee today.

feeling so tired, but still need to finish tons of work.

i was not able to report to work last week because K.A.'s nanny got sick.

that's why, i have a lot of deadlines to meet.

catch yah all tomorrow.

have a nice week ahead everyone!


Jeanny said...

hay same here.....I just got home. I finished tons of work today....kakapagod noh?

shengmarie said...

I hope you feel better and relaxed now, i too am busy, what with all the things I have to finish before I make layas from the office, hahaha... I was actually wondering where you have been!

Blue Rose said...

@jeanny: oo nga eh. kakaubos ng energy pero no choice need to finished everything kung hindi lalo pa dadami.
@shengmarie: i met my deadlines but domestic problems are not yet over. so medyo magulo pa rin utak ko this time and hindi pa talaga 100% ang concentration ko sa work.

witsandnuts said...

Same here. But I am pretending I am not so busy. Haha. =) Take care!

Blue Rose said...

witsandnuts: thanks much. when i am not busy i always pretend to be busy.


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