blog love: from across the miles

Yes, my secret Santa who seemed to be a no secret at all to me since December 19 last year is from New Zealand. Her name is Nicola. She spoiled the holiday thrill because she was so worried about the package she sent to me. She told me in her e-mail last December that she sent the parcel sometimes last week of November yet she doesn’t hear anything about it from me. But I told her in my reply that her package might just trap and delayed due to the volume of packages sent in time for the holiday season.

Last Friday, January 9, the notice about the parcel finally arrived. Upon reading the notice, I immediately run to claim my parcel at the central post office which I know that it is from her. I was so excited about it.

Though the package arrived late, I can say that it’s worth my wait. I so love everything that she sent to me. Thank you very much sweetie!

Come, let’s see what I got:
a Christmas card, a kiwi Christmas decoration and chocolates
On the other hand, this beautiful postcard from Abu Dhabi arrived together with the parcel notice I mentioned earlier.
This one came from the ever thoughtful and sweet lady, Ms. Jo, of witsandnuts. Jo, maraming salamat mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso.

You guys really made me happy. I love you ladies.

"Let us be grateful to people who makeus happy;
they are the charming gardenerswho make our souls blossom."
~ Marcel Proust~


shengmarie said...

Lovely chocolates, hmmm, sarapppp.

Nicola said...

I can't believe it took so long, but am so glad the package finally arrived! I was beginning to think about whether I could buy a new decoration after christmas and try again, but luckily it's all okay now. Glad you liked the gift so much! :-)

Jeanny said...

wow how sweet of them naman :)

REDLAN said...

wow, kapag mabait ka nga, binibigyan ni santa ng regalo.

nakakaexcite talaga kapag makatanggap ka ng ganyang mga regalo.

thanks, sure you can grab my friendship piece of art. np.

the donG said...

dumadami na ang santa claus sa panahon na ito. hehehe...

lucky to have friends in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

So nice Blue Rose! I can feel your excitement through this post - it's fun to get something in the mail besides a bill ;)

Anonymous said...

nice loot! ;-) ang saya-saya!

witsandnuts said...

Glad you liked the postcard. Take care. =)

Blue Rose said...

@shengmarie: yummy. want some?

@nicola: ya, i like them all so much. thanks again sweetie.

@jeanny: sweet ka rin naman ah. thanks also to you sis.

@redlan: hehehe. sobrang saya ng feeling noh.

@the dong: oo nga eh. we are indeed lucky to have friends here.

@javaqueen: correct! actually my first christmas to received such goodies from friends i've only met in the blogosphere.

@gandarynako: hahaha. happy to the nth power.

@witsandnuts: so much! thanks to you. mwuah


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