personal highlights 2008

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It’s my first time to look back and write about the personal highlights for the past year just for the purpose of reflection and memory keeping.

First Quarter

♥ Since my mother left us when I was only 11 years old, I don’t have any chance to meet my cousins and uncles/aunties on her side except for her younger sister who became K.A’s first nanny and her younger brother who accompanied her in the house on the day that she bid goodbye to us. I knew them by their names but I do not have any idea on how do they look like. Last year, marked the difference because I was able to see their pictures for the first time. I was able to talked with them too because my mother gave my number to them and I was able to know them better. Though I haven’t met them in person, I know that someday soon we are going to visit them.
♥ My mother visited us for the first time here in Manila and stayed with us for few days.

Second Quarter
♥ My father and my brothers also visited us and stayed with us for a week after my mother’s visit.
♥ K.A celebrated her first birthday last April.
♥ I was inspired and decided to continue my blog last May.
♥ My auntie, K.A’s first baby sitter left us and made us miss her so much.
♥ We found another baby sitter for K.A. That made me paranoid for the first few months. The time for adjustments for all of us.

Third Quarter
♥ I got my first Nokia camera phone as hubby’s birthday gift to me. And at the same time, my mother-in-law traveled just to be with us on my birthday.

Fourth Quarter

♥ After 64 years, I mean, more that a year of waiting, our housing loan was finally approved. But I still don’t have the house key. The key turn-over ceremony and the orientation will be on Saturday, January 10.
♥ My family informed me that my younger brother is going to get married this coming April 2009.

I'm thankful to God for everything.

Now, I am starting my life for 2009 with lots of hope and love in my heart.


MeL said...

We had the same post! Haha. Thanks for sharing your walkthrough for 2008. :)

Blue Rose said...

@mel: oh really! pareho tayo ng iniisip. hehehe. i'll check your post dear. thanks.

shengmarie said...

Wow, lots of things achieved and wishes granted.

REDLAN said...

napaka bless ng 2008 para sau. Wish doble pa sa taong ito.


iluvgreen said...

God is good all the time!

Ibyang said...

more blessings for your and your family in 2009. happy new year! :)

Blue Rose said...

@shengmarie: ya coz God is great!

@redlan: magdilang-anghel ka nawa red.

@iluvgreen: yes, i agree.

@ibyang: thank you so much. happy new year to you.

princess_dyanie said...

cheers to a great and wonderful 2009 ahead! :)

Blue Rose said...

@princess_dyanie: thanks. cheers!


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