just dropping by!

Hey guys! I’m just dropping by here. I am still busy at the moment. Transition period already start here at the office.

We now have our new boss. Turn-over ceremony was held yesterday.

Aside from that, we also have a new unit boss. Our former unit boss/director was promoted as our new executive director and my former supervisor is now our new unit boss/director. Congratulations bosses! Both of you deserved such promotion. And we are all happy for that.

For now let’s all have fun! Here’s mango feather cake for everyone. Enjoy folks.

{photo via}

Happy weekend. I’ll visit you as soon as I can.


REDLAN said...

congratulations to your two bosses!

ako busy rin. nakakastress.

let's rest dahil weekend na

jeanny said...

enjoy the weekend sistah :)

Nance said...

yummy looking cake! thanks for sharing! ;)

sheng said...

Wow, i am so drooling at the mango cake!

the donG said...

me too. i thought i was the only one who was busy last week.

i finally got the time to blog hop.

MeL said...

Nagutom ako sa cake. :) Always take care.

caryn said...

oooh! that cake looks uber-yummy blue rose! penge! ;-)


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