gratitude for the day

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True happiness is to enjoy the present,
without anxious dependence upon the future,
not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears
but to rest satisfied with what we have,
which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing.
The great blessings of mankind are with us
and within our reach.
A wise man is content with his lot,
whatever it may be,
without wishing for what he was not.
~Lucius Annaeus Seneca~
Happiness comes when your work and words
are of benefit to yourself and others.
~ Buddha~
Happiness is not having what you want,
but wanting what you have.
~ anonymous~
Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.
~ Mark Twain~

Reasons/things that made me so grateful today:

♥ a loving husband who loves & support me
♥ an adorable daughter who smiles and kisses me
♥ a family who continues to care for me
♥ a job that provides my financial needs
♥ friends who reminds me that I am so blessed
♥ online buddies who cheers up my day
♥ a long weekend ahead that will give me more bonding time with my family
♥ a ssssshhhhh… still a secret (blessings/goodies) to look forward….hehehe

happy weekend everyone!


Jeanny said...

na intigue naman ako dun sa last, hehehe. Sana soon ma reveal ;)

Advance congratulation na rin :)

Happy weekend

Startin' A New Life
Startin' A New Life Too

Eds said...

hahaha. grasya yon dito sa office. noong sinusulat ko tong blog kasi hindi pa nila inaannounce officially. tsismis palang kaya sabi ko secret pa.

thanks for dropping by jeanny.

ms firefly said...

awww, grasya nga naman. we used to look forward to that too, when i was with the bank pa. ang sarap ng feeling noh?!

Eds said...

oo nga eh. saka laking tulong. ang saya-saya! hehehe

JavaQueen said...

This is really a sweet list. Seems like you are very aware of your blessings and are thankful, it's so good to remember the good things instead of always focusing on hardships. I like that about you, you are a very positive soul.

Eds said...

thank you so much for stopping by here java.

so true! and i found out that i feel true happiness when i try to focus on positive things.

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