off for the weekend...

thanks GOD it's friday!
it is not a favorable week for me because i have so many rants running in my head. but i restrained myself from writing it here because it will bring no good to me as well as to all the persons who may stumble upon my blog.
i am looking forward for a nice weekend ahead.
but before i bid goodbye for this week, please allow me to greet a HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to baby K who will celebrate it tomorrow, august 9. K is a very handsome son of my friend ate L of purplescribbling & her hubby kuya R.
hugs and kisses to him sis. i hope he and baby Y are both feeling better now so they can enjoy the party.
{ photo credits}

wishing everyone a happy weekend!


Toni said...

Eeeep! The cake is sooooo cute! :) What a great diorama. :D

Eds said...

thank you so much for dropping by ms toni!
i just found that cake through google. cute noh!

Purple Ink said...

Thanks so much for this Blue Rose. My little boy will love this...ipapakita ko sa kanya to. I was also on-leave last friday to monday, full-time Mom to K & Y since the yaya was on vacation. No parties though for K, only a bday trip. Hey I think, i'll have to turn up a post out of it. Love yah!

Eds said...

Your always welcome purple ink.
i was kinda sad and depressed last week buti nalang naalala ko birthday pla ng poging baby K na yan. i'll look forward to that birthday trip post. mis yah. mwuah!

Jeanny said...

I Love cake and this one looks yummy :)
Have a splendid weekend!

Eds said...

thanks you so much for dropping by jeanny.
ya. it looks so yummy kaya lang parang hindi bagay sa aking baby ang design eh kaya hindi ko pwedeng ipagaya on her next birthday.

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