a tag: my bucket list

Here's my bucket list:

Write a list of 8 things you would like to do or accomplish before you die.

1. be a good wife to my husband
2. be a good mother to my daughter. hope to give her a good education. better future. happy life.
3. manage my own business
4. drive my own car
5. travel around the philippines & abroad with my hubby and K.A.
7. be a certified public accountant
8. be able to help my family, extended families, in-laws and friends in their financial needs in particular

Thank you jeanny for this tag.

Now, I am tagging sheng, dhey and purple ink.


shengmarie said...

Hi there, thanks for the tag, i'd love to do it. I just have to delay it for a while, but promise i'll do it!

Blue Rose said...

thank you so much sheng!

yes, take your time.

witsandnuts said...

You had BS Accountancy, too? Glad to read your thoughts. I also have a tag like this. I've never done yet. =)

Blue Rose said...

yap. i'm a BSA graduate but not a CPA yet.
i'll read your answers to this tag when your done.
thanks for dropping by witsandnuts!

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