a time when I need to say a special prayer

Dear God,

Today, I kneel before you to ask for a blessing
for someone very close to my heart.
She is more than a friend.
She is more than a sister.
And she is more than a mother.

She is fine as everybody will see,
yet she is deeply frustrated and hurt.
She is really kind and down to earth.
She is so good more than anyone knows.
She loves more than anyone expects.
She helps more than anyone needs.
She provides things more than anyone asked.
Yet she never asked for anything in return.

Now, she is in need of your grace.
I know you know what she is thinking right now.
You know what really inside her heart.
You know what she is really needed
You know her more than anyone knows.

God, please shorten her suffering.
Please give her means to get all the things she is really needed.
Please give her protection against any sickness and against any evil.
Please give her peace of mind and the true happiness.

God, I truly love her so much.
I want to see her happier and more contented inside and out.
I ask this with my grateful heart. AMEN.

images: from the email forwarded to me


shengmarie said...

Who's she? I hope she gets all the things you wished for her...

ms firefly said...

your mom is sick?
i hope she's better soon. keep the faith!

Blue Rose said...

@sheng & ms firefly: thank you so much to both of you. your words always made my day.
but pardon me if i rather choice to keep her anonymous over the blogosphere.


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