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I am having a hard time in making the decision whether I have to fire out K.A.'s babysitter or let her stay with us for some more time. Aside from the fact that finding a new babysitter is not easy, I also pitied her because I know that she really needs to earn money for herself and for her family as well.

Hubby told me several times to ask my family in the province to ask my aunt (K.A.’s first nanny) to go back with us or just look for a new babysitter.

K.A’s current babysitter is been with us for more than three months now. She is indeed a very nice young lady and my baby K.A. already loves her.

Having my own rules & standard on how should be my baby will be taken care of; I briefed her and told her to follow my own rules.

Experience wise I know that she knows how to take care of a baby because she took care of her younger siblings and even nephew. Yet my hubby told me that she was raised in the way that cleanliness around the house was not properly observed.

For a while I just observed her on how things were being done.

Here are some of my few findings:

*Proper hygiene for my baby was not properly maintained as well as the cleanliness inside our house. Many times my baby got rushes because she was not properly taken cared of.

*She did not wash K.A’s clothes properly. Several times I find some traces of dirt on the wash clothes. And I suspected that maybe some of K.A.’s rushes were caused by that dirt and maybe some of the detergents left on it.

*She did not even clean the feeding bottle properly. I just observed one time that there are bubbles in my baby’s drinking water.

I conditioned myself to be patient enough.

I still patiently trained her and told her to observed cleanliness for my baby and inside the house.

I told hubby that we should clean the house before we go to the office and when we go home at night and just have a general cleaning during the weekend.

I just decided then that it is better if I do the laundry by myself every morning. And do the other laundry on the weekends.

I also took over the cleaning and sterilizing the feeding bottles.

For awhile, things seem to be ok. So I told hubby that finding new babysitter will be set aside and just give her chance to be with us until such time that she voluntarily say that she will go home to the province or find some other job. Anyway, she is indeed very nice to us. She is just a quiet type of person. She never reasons out or answers me back.

But last week, I observed that laziness strike her again. Proper hygiene for K.A. was again neglected. K.A. even felt so itchy that she scratched and scratched her body and head then sometimes cried and tried to pull her hair.

Then, just last weekend I caught her watching TV intensely while K.A. was busy playing and pulling cords and other stuff under the computer table near the electric socket.

I got angry as I seen that situation. And I told her to prioritize my baby among other things. But I still managed myself not to say that I am paying her to take care of my baby and not for her to just relax and see movies on television.

Now, the idea of finding new babysitter again comes into my mind. Yet I am still having a second thought. While I wanted my baby to be in good hand yet my willingness to help less fortunate people is also in my consideration.

I really don’t know what to do. Should I fire her now or give her one more chance? Please help.


Purple Ink said...

Hi Blue Rose, we all have our share of yaya nightmares. You seem to be handling the situation fine, you're a patient person. I suggest you give her a schedule of things to do, highlighting the tasks related to K.A., and also a list of Do's and Donts. Ive done this before, have a print-out of the schedule with keywords (e.g., Milktime - 8 AM; Sleeptime - 2 pm, etc etc...)and post it all over the house. This is a little bit of an OC measure but it works. Hope this helps.

Blue Rose said...

thank you so much purple ink for that tip.
wala naman akong gaanong pinagbabawal sa kanya basta ang akin lang dapat si K.A. ang priority nya. pero palagay ko nga kailangan ko ng gumawa ng list of schedules para hindi nya nakakalimutan.

ms firefly said...

aw, too bad, i think it would be better to have someone close to you already to take care of the baby, like your aunt. :(

it must be difficult for you to leave the house and the baby in her care, while you go to work, not knowing if the baby is in good hands. whew.

you're a good person, and very patient too, i hope you get to hire someone you can really trust.

Blue Rose said...

thank you so much for your kind words ms firefly. so true, mahirap nga talaga para sa akin na iwanan si K.A. sa kanya kaya lang no choice pa eh. hindi pa ako pwede maging SAHM.

mabait naman sya actually. kaya lang talagang iba yong paraan kung paano sila inaalagaan at pinalaki ng kanilang mga magulang.

my consulation for now, since hubby & I build a good relationship with our neighbors. they just voluntered to monitor K.A. from time to time.

pero sana nga bumalik na sa amin si tiya.


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