And this made her happier!

When I was in college, I found it so difficult to understand calculus despite the fact that I really like math subject. I even don’t have my own calculus book then. I only borrowed from our school library simply because I tried to prioritized books for my major subjects. It was really so hard to be a working student because I can’t afford to buy all the books required.

Now that I am already working, I used to have colleagues who have children in college and they also said that their kids are having the hard time understanding and answering those questions in calculus. I told them to have a book that will really help their kids understand it. Just lately when we are sorting out our books for donation I found one calculus book and said to my officemate, “here bring it home to your son and it will really help him understand calculus more”. And she said, “thank you. He really asked me for this book”.

Two days after that incident, I accidentally stumbled to a site that offers Calculus help. And I was so happy to inform my officemate that this site will really help her kids because it offers a Calculus tutor online or even a Precalculus and Precalculus help are being offered by this site and are available 24/7. They even provide free demo service for the first time user. Sounds great, right?

With that good news I made my officemate happier.

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