a good night sleep

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Thanks GOD! me and K.A. had a good night sleep last night!

Yesterday, I was suffering from a severe migraine caused by unwanted smell here at the office. I do not know what does it called. It is scented oil heated so that the aroma will comes out. I really don’t like the scent because it is so “matapang”.

I also worried that much because I do not know if I can take good care of K.A. considering that I am not feeling well and hubby is not around.

Last night I still tried my best to have a quality time playing with K.A. As usual she was very happy. Then, I talked to her hoping that she will understand every word I said. I told her to behave properly because papa is not around and mama needs enough rest.

I also told hubby over the phone not to worry too much about us and if possible not to think too much about K.A.

Luckily, K.A. went to bed early. She just woke up once during midnight to ask for milk and then she goes back to sleep again. She did not cried as she usually did letting me to carry her so she can go back to sleep.

We both woke up early this morning. And we both feel contented and happy.

Also, my migraine was gone.

Hope everybody also had a good night sleep.

Have a nice day!

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