how would you...

How would you react if older women called you ate?

At first: I just ignore it. Siguro nagkamali lang.
Second time: Bad trip. Nananadya ka na ha!
Succeeding: I just called her ate in an irritated voice!

It’s so kakainis!!! Feeling nya bata sya. Excuse me girl mas matanda ka po kaysa sa akin. It so happened na nauna lang akong mag asawa kaysa sayo. Taray ko noh! Sorry naiinis lang kasi ako!

Now I understand why my friend got irritated in her too.


shengmarie said...

Hahaha, grabe yan, me, what I do is to really correct that issue. I don't want it hanging in mid-air, and don't want her to continue thinking I am older than she is.

ShenG: Excuse, but how old are you? Ah, okey, don't call me ate, you're older than me.


sHenG: Excuse, but how old are you? Ah okey, you're much younger than me but your face looks much older. You have to use antioxidants.


Have a nice day blue rose!

Blue Rose said...

thank you so much sheng!

you made me smile.

actually, she knew may age coz she is my friend in friendster and an officemate. but she still keep on calling me ate everytime i answer the phone.

and siguro nga its time na to tell her frankly not to call me ate anymore.

Purple Ink said...

Hey girl, this incident sounds familiar ...si "Ate" strikes again :-) Pity her, she's got endless supply of Narcissistics fuel-- Let give her a mirror for her b-day nyahahaha

Keep the spirit!

Blue Rose said...

hi sis.
korek! siguro nga she needs a big big mirror noh.
mula ng umalis ka dito parang ako ata ang napagtripang bwusitin ng bait-baitang girl na ito. hahaha

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