know me more

I’ll try to enumerate things about me so you will know me more:
~~ I was born under the astrological sign of virgo
~~ I’m a coffee lover. My day is not complete without a coffee.
~~ I once dreamt of becoming a teacher
~~ But end up taking up bachelor degree in accountancy
~~ Once in my life a dream of becoming a nun came across my mind when I was only eleven years old. That was during the time when my parents broke up.
~~ In high school, I once pond of composing poem where I expressed all my feelings…happiness, loneliness, anger, doubts, etc…
~~ I also once became an editor in chief of our school publication then
~~ I love math
~~ I do not hate English but I am not good in it
~~ I joined a lot of inter-school contests. And even made it up once to regional level and loss…
~~ I’m not good enough in memorizing
~~ I am proud to say that I did not failed in any subject from grade school to college
~~ but once cried in grade school when I got for the first time a 79 grade just because I had a number of days absences
~~ But managed to had a happy face in college even if my grades are 75
~~ I had my first job as a saleslady in a bakery in our province when I was 16 years old just a month after I graduated high school
~~ I only lasted in that company for 2 months.
~~ Decided to went to Manila and pursued college
~~ Worked in an NGO after I got my college diploma
~~ But decided to transfer to government after 3 years
~~ I am here in my present work for 3 years already
~~ I usually fall asleep early at night and woke up early in the morning
~~ I easily cry
~~ I love listening to disco music
~~ I wanted to enroll for a review class and take the board exam
~~ I got married 3 days before I turned 27 years old
~~ I became a mother at the age of 28
~~ I love Filipino dishes
~~ I hate thai food
~~ I love coke regular
~~ I don’t know how to drive a car but very much welling to learn
~~ I love playing scrabble and hammer heads deluxe
~~ I am afraid of heights, deep water & in the dark
~~ I am well organized person
~~ I love chocolates
~~ My favorite color is blue
~~ I practice writing on a piece of paper when I am sad or hurt
~~ I love surfing the net


jeanny said...


I'm a coffee lover too. Hirap pag hindi ako nakakapag coffee, parang kulang ang araw ko.

Nice day to you :)


Blue Rose said...

hi jeanny, thanks for dropping by!

sana one day makapag coffee tayo together. hehehe

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