happy monday

happy monday everyone.

i miss you all!

i was not able to go online last week because i was out for a seminar workshop.

see, i requested that kind of seminar 3 1/2 years ago.

and our office finally granted my request only last week.

thank you so much anyway!

at least after that seminar, i am now more confident and happy to serve as a government employee.

because i learned and understand the do's and dont's and the law itself that governs public servant.

hopefully, i can share it with my officemates especially to those who are new in the government service.

so again, thank you so much to the management for allowing me to be part of that seminar workshop.


ms firefly said...

hello blue rose, at least they granted your request. :) what government agency do you work for?

Blue Rose said...

oo nga eh, and i'm so thankful naman. i told the hr personnel that really enjoyed that seminar.

im currently working at the peace process.


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