still happy on a friday....

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Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
~~Franklin D. Roosevelt~~
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
~~Marcel Proust~~
Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking
or keeping if it were not.
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~~
Yesterday, I was surprised by the text message sent by the employee of Verdantpoint Corporation (the developer of my soon-to-be-new home). He informed me that my account with them is now ready for filing to the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF). He requested me to submit my latest notarized certificate of employment and compensation, latest one month payslip, my 2007 income tax return (ITR) and a detailed employee statement of accumulated asset value (ESAV). He also informed me that the status of the constructions of the house is around 45% and expected to be finish before the end of October.

I was so happy to hear that news. I am not expecting this early because I was informed by them last May that they will contact me by September and ask some latest requirements. More than one month earlier. Yepeeeeeyyyyyy……

As quickly as I can, I asked for a copy of our payroll for June 2008 and looked for my payslip last month. I also requested my certificate of employment and my ITR here at the office.

Then, early this morning I went to Pag-ibig Fund. I requested a print-out of my detailed ESAV.

Since I am not familiar on how I can go back to the office I asked the guard at Pag-ibig where I can get the jeepney or FX ride. He directed me to go to the crossing terminal. He also said that I can just walk going there.

Along the way, while I am looking for that terminal something funny happened. There’s group of three men walking by the street looking for the 7-eleven convenience store. Without knowing that I am also lost my way, they asked me where that store is located. So I answered them back, “sorry I am not familiar in this place in fact I am also looking for the jeepney/FX terminal and I already don’t know where to go”. They laughed at me. Sigh! But after that they also directed me where to go.

After few minutes, I got back to the office.

As of the moment, I am waiting for the release of my ITR and hopefully I can submit the needed requirements early next week.

GOOD LUCK to me!


Jeanny said...

Hi. Congratulation. Malapit na malapit na talga.

We also wanted to have our own house. Kaso we really dont know how and where to start.

So sis pano ba....hehehe.
Great weekend

Eds said...

hi jeanny.

actually, lakasan lang din ng loob. maraming rent-to-own na mga bahay ngayon depende lang kung saang location mo gusto.

ms firefly said...

congratulations blue rose! i hope you can get to move to your new home soon!

Eds said...

thanks much ms firefly!
sana nga!

Jeanny said...

@ Blue rose...oo nga eh, lakasan nga ng loob ;)

A woman handed us aleaflet of that bianca house...aaralin namin ni hubz ito.

Thanks sis ha ;)

Eds said...

your welcome jeanny.

if you like i can refer you to my agent. they also offer free tripping if you want to see the site.

yepeeyyy...magiging kapitbahay kita! hehehe

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