monday surprise

would you like to know what i got this monday morning?

a planner..........

i found a planner early this morning at my desk.

it is the same planner that our office used to give to our partners last december.

can you imagine?

last january, i already knew that there are lots of excess planner.

i almost begged just to have a single copy of it.

but the person in-charge do not want to give it to us... an ordinary rank in file employee.

and the funny thing is.....

more than half a year had passed

that means half of the planner will no longer serve its purpose.

and besides i already bought my own personal planner.

har har har!


shengmarie said...

Good thing they granted your request, kami dito walang seminars, only meetings pero I don't like to go to the meetings they organize, they are so malalayo... the last one was in Bohol, I was tempted to go, but then, I can't leave my kids behind. They cry when I'm not home.

Blue Rose said...

ya, korek!

actually dito maraming trainings/seminars but most of the time it is for technical personnel.

what i am looking forward now is to take short course from mindanao peace institute. yearly kasi merong pinapadala yong office nmin. i was supposed to be part of it last year kaya lang just like you hindi ko rin maiwanan ang baby ko.

jeanny said...

nyahhhh...atleast binigay na rin nila yung planner...better late nga than never di ba ;)

Blue Rose said...

katawa nga eh. kung kelan july na saka kami lahat sa unit nagkaroon. harharhar.


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