K.A.'s favorite commercial

K.A. loves to see commercials on tv.

sometimes she puts her face up too close to tv screen so we have to pull her away.

few days ago, i found out that K.A. really loves this pang-gisa mix commercial.

she even try to dance and sing on her own ways every time she see it.

one time hubby caught her in this position while intensely watching tv commercials.

after the commercial, she goes on walking and walking and walking around the room.

or sometimes she turns off the tv.


jeanny said...

hahaha...she's so adorable. ;)

btw...love that commercial too

Blue Rose said...

that you so much jeanny!

i also love that commercial. but everytime we watch tv, napapako na ang tingin ko kay K.A. during commercial break. mas enjoy akong panoorin sya habang ginagaya ang kanyang pinanonood.

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